Handbags Save, Spend, Splurge: Crossbodies are summer’s best bags


The voice of Coachella this weekend? N? Me too. But perhaps one or two of you have the chance to make the pilgrimage to Indio, California, for the annual festival of music that keeps in the indie indie hipster year. You, or perhaps saves your airline miles in a future – perhaps summer festival Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee or Lollapalooza Chicago? (This is my choice as a garnish faith).

Any type of outdoor events attending summer festivals at baseball games you will need to carry a bag any. Crossbody bag are without a doubt, the best solution because they are affordable and hands-free, but the possibility of using an event for the day can be difficult. Things too small and too harsh on it; too big and has a weight of transported by a long period of time, especially in the heat of the summer. Fortunately, we have made all calculations and found three crossbodies perfect for responding to the (ok, almost everything) budget.

(from top to bottom)

Save: Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Crossbody This guy is bright and cheerful, with a padded strap and that can be used every day, and plenty of space for everything, also an extra Pocket in the tab, which gives you more space that you realized that he had. Purchase by Bloomingdale by $328.

Pass: Alexander Wang Brenda Crossbody If ever there was when Alexander Wang bags were entirely appropriate, would be super-indie like Coachella music festival. What better way allow another knowing that everyone that you're already they know that an uber-Centre mode boy scholarship? Purchase by ShopBop $ 725.

Splurge: Mulberry Alexa Crossbody clutch Speaking of hipster and bags, bolsa-tocayo Alexa Chung is exactly the kind of girl uber-mode that gets photographed at the music festival featuring bands ever that nobody had heard. The easiest to channel his style, which is of course, the scholarship way they inspire. I have to admit, however, is also very beautiful and functional. Purchase by Red-a - porter for $1150.

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