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spinbookcover.jpgWhen I heard the book that Lauren Conrad as sweet was sitting on the top of the bestseller list of the new York Times for the second consecutive week, I have been puked in my mouth a little. No Leo and never intended to do so.
First start on me, of course, I am a little jealous. This writer (and to use the term loosely when it comes to Lauren) have not dreamed of being # 1 on this list.
Now, this does not mean that I don't like to splash in the chick bed industry Roman kind key from time to time. But I want something that, if very literary, is for the juicyless!

Gawk may have found just the thing to satisfy this side of my same swing, with a book by former Wizard: Grubman Lizzie, engineering Robert Rave. It is possible to remember Lizzie such highlights as the history of the cover of power girls infamous New York or the cultural magazine, you know, when he turned on the crowd with his SUV in the Hamptons.
Gawk has some actual pages of the manuscript. And it seems Robert is to go there and take some types of activities.
We cannot wait to tag along.

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lv mm

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