louis vuitton galliera gm Wayuu Taya Tribal Handbags


louis vuitton galliera gm

What did I tell you? Tribal handbags are hot and they are turning up everywhere! So it is definitely not too late to grab yourself a fun and festive piece for the upcoming summer season! What I find interesting about these lovely bags you see pictured here, however, is that they are a little more authentic. What do I mean by that? These bags are from the Wayuu Taya Foundation, a non-profit organization that is working to improve the lives of Latin-American indigenous people. Their primary concerns are extreme poverty, malnutrition, high child mortality rates, waterborne diseases, and educational deficiencies. Their mission is to help these communities while maintaining and respecting their beliefs, traditions, and culture. Their bags are made by Wayuu indigenous women at the foundation’s women center that educates women on parenting, family planning, nutrition, and hygiene. All proceeds go toward helping the foundation achieve their mission.

What I like about these bags is that they are bright and colorful. I love the woven design on the strap. Plus the free ends were left hanging at the ends of the strap creating a nice little rainbow of fringe. The drawstring pouch styling is super cute and perfect for those casual summer days. Pair this bag with a solid color maxi dress for the perfect look!

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louis vuitton galliera gm

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