Cole Haan Nike Air Whitney Gladiator - A Summer Fashion Statement louis vuitton acetate



Like any of the shoes in the Cole Haan line the sandals are of superior quality and workmanship. To begin with Cole Haan is a well established designer and manufacturer. Many years of research and development has gone into their line of products. The sandals such as the cole haan nike air whitney gladiator are a perfect example of just what Cole Haan has to offer its customers.

These particular sandals are made from a very high quality leather. This is the vachetta leather which has been oiled in birch oil to give it its pliability and durability. In addition to this it allows it to retain its newness. Often with inferior leathers it leads to cracking. In no time at all the product made with this type of leather turns out to be poorly made and looks used and worn in no time. This is why Cole Haan insists on only using the best leather available.

The cole haan nike air whitney gladiator sandals are also embellished with grommets in rich gold coloring with a buckle that just serves to bring out the best of the sandals.

As far as the design goes for these sandals the name gladiator fits them well. With the ankle strap fitting perfectly around the ankle and the criss cross pattern that flows across the top of the foot one certain has the feel of the ancient Roman attire.

One of the great features about these particular sandals is the fact that they are lightweight. At first glance because of the amount of leather that is being used in them you would think that they would feel heavy on the foot. This is not the case and those that have had the pleasure of wearing these sandals report that the sandals are most comfortable and they almost feel like they are walking bare foot. The technology that affords this comfort is the Nike Air technology that is so well known and in demand.

The cole haan nike air whitney gladiator sandals have a special rubber sole that even go further to enhance the overall comfort of the shoes. Having sandals that are as comfortable as these is really important during the hot summer months. When the feet would normally tend to perspire with sandals such as these this is minimized.

Next in respect to the design these particular sandals are really versatile. Meaning that if one wants to wear them to the beach they certainly blend in well with this time of attire. At the same time for a cool summer evening outing they also afford a dressier look.

The cole haan nike air whitney gladiator sandals are certainly capable of making a fashion statement. The construction of the sandal means they are most wearable by any individual. They go a long way in perfecting the appearance of the foot and bringing out the best in footwear attire.

In addition to all of the attributes mentioned about the cole haan nike air whitney gladiator sandals they are affordable. With the quality materials and workmanship they are a pair of sandals that will afford the wearer many years of comfort.

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