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Amazon Instant Video Get a new Kindle Fire and $5 credit for $169 men's bags,

Today only, AmazonLocal is offering the Kindle Fire tablet for $169, along with a $5 credit for Amazon Instant Video.
Just to clarify, what you're getting here is a free voucher that's good for $30 off the regular price of the Fire, which normally sells for $199. Although Amazon routinely sells refurbished Fires (in good-as-new condition with a full one-year warranty) for $169, it's only natural to prefer a new one -- especially if you're buying it as a gift.
Like, say, for Father's Day. You can choose Amazon's free Super Saver shipping option at checkout, but there's no guarantee the Fire will arrive in time for next weekend. It'll cost you around $7 for Standard shipping, which should get it to you no later than Friday.
It's far from the perfect tablet, but people sure do love the Kindle Fire.
I chalk that up to two things: the slick carousel-powered interface, which I find more inviting than the typical Android interface, and the seamless integration with Amazon's Prime service (which for $79 annually includes a bevy of media goodies).
That $5 Instant Video credit will arrive in your account within 72 hours of shipping. And, like all Fires, this one includes a free one-month trial of Amazon Prime.

Amazon has "limited quantities" of the voucher, which costs absolutely nothing to claim and comes with no obligation to use. So even if you're on the fence, I suggest grabbing the voucher now.
This isn't the first Father's Day-friendly tablet deal I've seen lately; earlier this week, Barnes & Noble chopped prices on the Nook Color and Nook Simple Touch. They're available for $149 and $79, respectively, if you pay with a MasterCard.

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